Sports rates are intended for parachute athletes and flyers with a minimum flight time of 30 minutes.


How to get access to sports rates:

  1. Register on the website  Login  to your account.
  2. Send a message to (Subject of the message: «Sports rates»)   or on Whatsapp  +7(495)125-70-00  including:
  1. Your full name and e-mail specified during registration.
  2. Evidence of your sporting experience:
  • Skydiving license (photo).
  • Total flight time in the wind tunnel.
  • The names of the instructors you were flying with.

Based on the message, we will change the status of your account, following which the sports rates will be available to you.


Time is acquired in blocks multiple of 15 minutes with sets of 1.5–3 minutes each.



Do you want to buy even more time?

Write to us, we will tell you how to do it..